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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Colourful Legacy

Colours of Hope
Colours of Hope

MAS band Legacy Carnival launched its 2019 Carnival presentation Colour Me Carnival at Vas Lounge in St Clair last Saturday night, and indeed there was a variety of colours.

At the media launch, prior to the public unveiling, bandleaders Michael “Big Mike” Antoine and Juliet de la Bastide could be seen putting all the final touches in place before the sections were introduced to guests.

Colours of Life

Sections depicting colours of ecstasy, hope, illusion, life, high mas, joy, majesty, bright Africa, creativity, harmony and Carnival, all found favour with the audience. Also attending the presentation were Javier Carbajosa Sanchez, Ambassador of Spain to Caricom; Monica Morse of the US Embassy; Maisa Da Silva (Brazil) and Andreas Haack, chargé d’affaires at the German Embassy; business consultant Wayne Yip; and entertainers Burt Marcellin and Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart.

Colours of Ecstacy

Speaking after the presentation de la Bastide said, “Colour Me Carnival celebrates the rich creativity and unbridled spirit manifested in TT every year at Carnival time. Whatever our daily reality, it is a time when we can forget our cares and be kings and queens, taking to the streets in a display of spectacular colour and pure joy. Moments of majesty, illusion, ecstacy, harmony....moments that revive the soul.”

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