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Thursday 20 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Two vital issues for country

THE EDITOR: I offer comments on two important issues for the country.

Firstly, I congratulate Gary Griffith on his appointment as Commissioner of Police. From his rhetoric I have gleaned that his intentions are quite honourable. But he has to realise that he cannot achieve his objectives alone. He needs the support of all his officers. And therein lies the stumbling block.

Placing old wine in new bottles is like teaching an old dog new tricks. We are all witnesses to the many shortcomings of the Police Service and I dare say the CoP’s task would not be a walk in the park. Be that as it may, his recent foray into actual police work realised the arrest of many wanted and people.

But are the courts and prisons prepared for the sudden influx of suspects? The police must not be working diligently and then the suspects are released by the courts because of some technicality.

The other issue is the decision by the Government to shut down the refining operations at Petrotrin. That took gumption and political will. That I applaud.

Caroni Ltd was a financial burden and it was closed totally. Thousands were placed on the breadline. Mittal forcefully and without compensation terminated its workforce and now workers from the refinery would be axed.

Whatever the outcome, political, economic or social, trade unions and workers must come to the realisation that the gimme gimme syndrome, coupled with the poor work ethic that afflicts many of us, must be severed.

After Petrotrin, the Government must turn its attention to those utilities that are causing a drain on the Treasury. Citizens must not be asked to foot bills that are untenable.


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