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Saturday 17 August 2019
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Final 2 days of The Cutlass

Arnold Goindhan, standing) and Lisa-Bel Hirschmann in a scene from The Cutlass.
Arnold Goindhan, standing) and Lisa-Bel Hirschmann in a scene from The Cutlass.

DARISHA BERESFORD, director/producer of award-winning local thriller The Cutlass, says viewing the film at Imax is an “awesome experience.”

The film, which won the best feature film and people’s choice awards at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) 2016, returned to cinemas last week and will be closing its run tomorrow at Imax, One Woodbrook Place, Port of Spain. Based on a true story, The Cutlass is the tale of a young woman (Lisa-Hirschmann) who is kidnapped and held hostage in the forest by a desperate thief (Arnold Goindhan). A review by thatmomentin.com described the film as “a deeply authentic experience, with two highly-compelling performances in a film that deftly steers clear of convention.”

Beresford in an interview said the film being back at Imax gives people who might have missed it last year an opportunity to view The Cutlass on the big screen.

“It has been featured and distributed on a slew of major platforms, including Comcast and Amazon making it a first of its kind, local production to achieve this. Also, there is nothing like viewing a film on the big screen like at Imax. From the quality of the sound to the spectacular visuals, it’s an overall awesome experience.”

She said most viewers abroad have reacted positively to the film.

“People who have ‘discovered’ the film would usually comment on how spectacular the jungles of Trinidad are, and they are curious to learn more about our country. Of course the subject of the film is not inviting. However, people have empathised and have been captivated by the characters and the story of survival. Especially during this time, with the #metoo movement.”

She said one of her favourite reactions was a young American woman who commented on our lead actor Goindhan’s performance.

Actors Arnold Goindhan and Lisa-Bel Hirschmann in a scene from The Cutlass.

“When asked what she thought of the movie, her response was: ‘The actor playing Al was absolutely phenomenal, he should be at the Oscars!’ I couldn’t agree more!”

A review by morbidlybeautiful.com said, “There is a coldness in Al’s demeanour that gives you the feeling that he has nothing to lose, making him a terrifying antagonist” and described the movie’s scenery as “damn beautiful.”

Producer/editor Drew Umland said the film was written, shot and made its début in Trinidad and has since went on to find much success internationally.

“The film has screened and won awards at festivals throughout the Caribbean, US and Canada. We’ve been truly amazed by how warmly it has been received by both diaspora and foreigner movie-goers. It has been a pleasure to share this rare slice of Trinidad with the world. Now we’re excited to be able to present The Cutlass in a Trinidadian cinema again.

On screening at Imax, Umland said nothing compares to seeing a film in the theatre.

“Getting to see The Cutlass in this particular venue will be a memorable experience.

The incredible scenery and sound will come to life in the Imax.”

Producer/writer Teneille Newallo said, having had the opportunity to view the testing of The Cutlass on the Imax screen, “watching the film on that massive screen gives a whole new perspective to the film.

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