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Saturday 20 April 2019
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More funds needed to pay ex-CTV staff

The original TTT logo
The original TTT logo

CHAIRMAN of the new, rebranded TTT Ltd Lisa Agard says the company has not received the necessary funding to pay gratuities to former employees.

She said yesterday, “We do have some outstanding gratuities that we would process when we get the cash to do so. We do rely on a subvention from the Government and unfortunately we have not been getting sufficient funds to be able to discharge our obligations with regard to gratuity, but whenever we are in a position to do so we will be paying gratuities to staff.”

Formerly the New Caribbean Media Group (CNMG), TTT came back on stream last Thursday, more than 13 years after closing its doors.

Agard said the station had made some changes to its programming, which includes Lisa Wickham as the anchor for the station’s early-morning talk show. She will be presenting alongside two new talents whom she is training. Wickham is a former host of TTT’s early-morning news.

She aslo said, “In the medium term, we want to partner with local organisations in relation to original productions. Production is not something that you can do overnight, so we have live feeds at tttlive.”

Agard said she could not say how many of CNMG’s staff were kept on or how many were in training.

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