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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Private schools accept ministry’s new offer

VICE PRESIDENT of the Private Secondary Schools Association Anthony Mc Collin said the Ministry of Finance has offered the association a stipend of $4,000 per student for a four-year period and they have accepted the offer.

Two weeks ago, the association rejected an offer made by the Ministry of Finance of a one-year contract and an increased stipend of $2,400 to accommodate new students.

Mc Collin said, last Friday the association had a discussion and responded to Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

“We have responded to the minister in writing, indicating that we are willing to accept the $4,000 offer for a four-year period that deals with the Forms Two, Three, Four and Five students which are placed by the government at our schools. As an association, we had discussions and we accepted the offer.”

However, Mc Collin told Newsday yesterday the entire situation was a very tiring process, and he expected Minister of Education Anthony Garcia to act as a real advocate.

He said while Imbert was aiming towards a fee that would have allowed the association and the government to continue in business, the deal also had to ensure it did not break the government.

“That is where the Finance Minister’s focus would have been. Whereas, it would have been very important for the Minister of Education, who at no point in time appeared as though he was picking sides, but should have been really rooting and guiding the Minister of Finance to ensure the process was done in a timely manner which would have allowed schools to be open on time and to have sufficient time to hire staff and clear bills.”

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