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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Oropune Gardens teen shot dead

Dillon Victory, 19, shot dead
 in Oropune Gardens
Dillon Victory, 19, shot dead in Oropune Gardens


DILLON VICTORY, 19, was shot dead on Saturday night, a short distance away from his home at Oropune Gardens, Piarco.

Neighbours recalled hearing gunshots shortly after 8 pm and finding Victory’s body, near 5th Avenue Extension, Building 2. One neighbour said she panicked when she heard the gunshots.

“My sons were outside and going to buy food from a vendor in the car park. When I heard the gunshots, I ran outside only to see this young man lying on the ground. It was sad.

As a mother you don’t want that for yourself or for any other mother.”

Victory, was described yesterday by his father, “Banton”, as a “cool guy, who never interfered with anybody.”

He believes the killing might have something to do with an incident which happened three years ago when his son was allegedly bullied by some residents.

While he refused to name anyone, he said his son had confronted one of his attackers and dealt him a blow to his “waist with a piece of wood.”

Lamenting the murder of his son, a former student at the Russell Latapy Secondary School, the grieving man said he is placing the lives of the killers in God’s hands.

“Everybody asking me how I normal so. It ent no easy thing to see your son stretch out on the ground like that and he spirit eh resting easy nah. I think he knew who killed him because he died facing up with his eyes open.

I not taking this so, but God knows who it is.”

Victory, he said, was overly ambitious, worked at the warehouse of Fabric Land, Piarco Plaza for the last four years and would still do side jobs as a mechanic for residents.

The father of eight said his son was visiting a client who owed him money for repairs on a vehicle, when he was “ambushed by gunmen.” Victory was shot at least five times to the side and upper chest.

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