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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Dedicated staff at PoS General

THE EDITOR: Last Saturday afternoon, I accompanied someone to the Casualty department of the PoS General Hospital. We spent approximately 12 hours there and I had the opportunity to notice how the staff worked.

I was most impressed with what I saw.

A team of very young, male and female local doctors, together with very experienced nurses, attendants, paramedics, ambulance personnel and security staff provided professional, competent and caring services to their patients.

People came in with a variety of ailments and they were all attended to most reassuringly.

When x-rays, scans and blood tests were requested by the doctors, the attendants and x-ray technicians moved with dispatch. Blood test results took some time but this was expected given the number of patients.

The most striking event of the evening was the arrival of a young man with chop wounds to his head and lower back.

When the notice came that he was in the arrival bay, every single doctor on duty went into "Resus Room #1." They proceeded to clean his head wound. When he came out, he was sent for a series of tests. When they got the results, the doctors then took him into a surgical room to stitch up his lower back.

The young man was conscious throughout and very fortunate that his wounds were not more serious.

He was also in fine voice and chatted up the nurses. Most gratifying was when he sincerely thanked the doctors and nurses, for attending to him. He did this about three times and made sure to repeat it as he was leaving.

I would like to thank Dr Desimoon, head nurse Ms Jones and all the other staff who worked that afternoon and midnight shift, for their dedication to duty.

Linus F Didier, Mt Hope

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