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Saturday 22 September 2018
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I am not a murderer, says ‘Socks’

Gideon “Socks” Jones says he is wrongfully being accused of murdering a homeless man and fears for his life.

“Clear my name, I am not a murderer !”

This is the passionate plea of a San Fernando man who said he is being accused of murdering a homeless man known as “Postman” in March of last year.

Gideon Jones, 59, aka “Socks” – a socks vendor from San Fernando – told Newsday his life has been turned upside down since the murder, as certain people keep accusing him of killing Postman. He said the homeless man was his friend and whenever he misbehaved, he would talk to him and he would listen. He said the last he heard of him was that he was arrested by police and he was stabbed to death while in a cell.

Jones believes his friendship with the deceased is fuelling the rumours. He said, last week while on High Street, a man came up to him and threatened him saying he had killed Postman.

He said he is staying at Drayton Street in San Fernando and only yesterday his landlady told him that someone told her she had a murderer in her house. He said he is now fearful that she would ask him to move out, but he has nowhere to go.

Wiping away tears, Jones continued to plead his innocence. “I am not a murderer. I want my name cleared. I could be walking down the road and his family could pay somebody to kill me. I am not a murderer. I never kill nobody in my life and I have no intention of killing anyone.”

Yesterday, Jones went to the San Fernando police station to report that threats were being made against him.

Contacted on the incident a senior officer at the San Fernando CID said he would look into the matter.

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