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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Rambharat visits Los Iros farmers

Farmer Nobbie Mathura points to the huge cracks in the Los Iros Hillview Road and his garden after Tuesday’s earthquake.

AGRICULTURE, Land and Fisheries Minister Clarence Rambharat yesterday visited farmers of the Los Iros Hillview Association and got a look at the aftermath of Tuesday’s massive earthquake.

So far, farmers are somewhat relieved that he took time to hear their concerns. He also saw some of the agricultural access roads left impassable by the tremor.

Farmer, Nobbie Mathura, who lost two water pumps and other tools, said they were told a proper assessment of the damage was needed.

“After that, they would see what could take place. He said the ministry is looking at the relocation of six farmers so far.”

Asked if he was among those six severely affected farmers, Mathura said the ministry did not disclose who the six were.

“This is really bad. It is traumatic, and we are hoping to get some form of compensation for this disaster. An officer from the State Lands Division was also here and he said he would try to locate the plots for those affected.”

Three of his pieces of equipment – an excavator, a basin plough and a disc banker– were parked in the yard of the family’s camp and dropped into the cracks. Yesterday he managed to remove the excavator to higher ground. He was among 40 farmers affected by the magnitude 6.9 earthquake and its aftershocks.

Other farmers said they were pleased that the minister met with them.

Earlier yesterday, chairman of the Siparia regional corporation Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh called on Rambharat to bring relief to the farmers.

“While we are so grateful that the vast majority of the population has been spared any major calamity, we must reach out to our brothers and sisters in need.”

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