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Saturday 20 April 2019
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CID to examine bullet in engineer’s death

INVESTIGATORS of the Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Department are expected to do additional analyses of the bullet which killed 56-year-old civil engineer Cecil Cravador, who was caught in the crossfire between an off-duty police officer and bandits at a San Juan bar on Saturday night.

Sources said the bullet, which was retrieved during an autopsy yesterday, is expected to undergo ballistics testing to help determine whether it came from the officer’s gun or that of the bandits. This will be difficult to determine, as the gun used by the bandits was not found, so the bullet can only be compared with those from the police officer’s gun. The process may take several weeks,

Newsday spoke yesterday to Cravador’s widow, Rachiel George, who said she had received no assistance towards the burial costs of her husband but was trying to stay in to good spirits for the sake of her relatives.

She said she was grateful for the assistance and outpouring of condolences from her family and was trying her best to move on with her life.

North Eastern Division police are still searching for the two men involved.

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