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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Don't destroy TT

Can anyone explain why we take such a perverse delight in destroying this land of ours?

Towards the end of the last century, a prominent citizen expressed concern at the way advertisers were defacing this beautiful country. It has deteriorated considerably since then.

It is absolutely ridiculous how, in an age when the internet, cell phones and numerous radio and TV stations exist, advertisers and businessmen are erecting signs and monstrous billboards everywhere. Some are as high as three stories high. They are eliminating the beautiful views we had of green tropical mountains and valleys and even the blue sea that we boast about in our tourist promotions.

Motorists are required to keep their eyes on the road, but intensely bright neon signs are placed directly in their line of sight to distract them. Perhaps the idea is for accidents to occur so that undertakers can prosper.

We are told that foreign exchange is very limited. And yet, thousands of expensive motor vehicles are flooding into the country every week. In his last budget speech, the Minister of Finance lamented the fact that over 37,000 vehicles had been imported over a one-year period. There was absolute silence on any measure to be taken that would significantly reduce that large number. So traffic jams have intensified on the narrow roads and the trade unions have yet another reason to promote greater lack of productivity.

Carnival is almost dead. Killed by bandleaders making lots of money by promoting noisy j'ouverts every month. they also costume hordes of naked women in foreign feathers and expensive underwear so they can gyrate and simulate sex with well-covered men for the edification of the younger generation.

The proliferation of guns as a popular killing machine is, undoubtedly a major boost for criminal activities. Supplies flow in constantly from Venezuela and the smaller Caribbean islands. But it appears to be considered a lesser evil than that of gang members who are eliminating themselves.

And nobody really seems to be passionate about the mess that the country is in. Not the Government, not the Opposition, not the Ministry of the Environment, not the media and definitely not the people.

God bless our nation!

Carlton Daniel, Santa Cruz

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