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Saturday 24 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Time to go to church

THE EDITOR: Notwithstanding the context of the recent utterance by the Prime Minister, that a certain individual should go to “church,” it still stands as one of the most profound statements that he has made during his time in office.

I totally concur with him. There is an urgent need for people to go to church, to find a place of worship and to seek God, especially in times like this.

Going to church is not a diversion from the routine, or just a penance for the erring soul, but a essential part of the fabric of our society, which has become tattered and torn over the years.

There has been a falling away. People in our country prefer to play instead of pray. The cry “Oh God!” comes often at the time of last resort, when all else seems to be lost. Such is the state of affairs in our country that we must go back to basics. Returning to the times when the church was a vital and integral part of the lives of our people and church attendance was the norm in our communities.

Those were the days when the family went to church together, when there was time to recognise that God is in the midst of each situation. We have been “wining away” or spirituality. “Dissing” God and devaluing the time set aside for worship. We are a nation in distress because we are a nation in a mess.

For many, going to church is not in style. It seems like it’s not cool to gather for prayer. People seem to have no time for that.

But, it’s not too late to stem the tide of crime and moral decay in our society, if we would only pray and act on our prayers. This requires that we pray both in our private time, “our closet,” as the Bible says, and in public, where people are gathered to pray and to praise God. I look to the day when public prayer is more popular.

But for now we just need to get back to church, as advised by the Prime Minister. The option is both timely and relevant to our needs.

Going to church implies that we are ready and willing to go to God and to recognise our shortcomings, even among those in the assembly of the righteous.

Yes, it is important for the PM to let the nation know that our relationship with God is central to the success of our country. We have to stop being frivolous about that relationship with God and go to church.

We must not just go to church for tradition, but as a soul solution for our nation. To deal with crime, corruption, physical abuse and all the other ills of our society, we must take the sound advise that is echoed in the Bible and simply go to church – not to forsake the gathering of yourselves.

Historically, we moved from no business on Sunday, no selling of liquor etc, to a total disregard for the holy day. We have gone astray and no amount of legislation could put us right. It is holiness that will exalt our nation, not political persuasion or a Sunday beach lime. When will we wake up and see that “is we who killing we.”

Pausing for prayer and finding a place of worship is a positive force for the stability of our nation. The PM was “pointed” in his pronouncement but let us be “general” to say Trinidadians and Tobagonians must go back to church.

It is clear that any group of people with a shared common interest will gather together – as simple as it sounds. Christians should gather, go to church, just because they are Christians and followers of Jesus Christ.

Let’s use this opportunity to encourage all people to go to Church – to pray and to worship for the sake of our souls and for our nation.

This is truly an admonition to save our nation. Thank you, Mr PM.


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