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Saturday 20 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

GATE students should give back

THE EDITOR: I am very disappointed to hear someone as prominent in the medical field as Dr Tim Gopeesingh saying doctors who benefit from GATE funding have no commitment to serve the citizens of TT. It is unbelievable to know this is the view of Gopeesingh.

He is a Member of Parliament and is responsible for making policies which will benefit the development of the health sector and improve the quality of healthcare for citizens. This uncaring attitude from Gopeesingh for poor and sick people who depend on the services of these doctors for free treatment in the public health service is sad.

Gopeesingh actually called it an “illegal act” to ask medical

doctors who got GATE funding to pay back the State or serve citizens with their medical skills after training. After all, the Government funded the studies of these medical students. I see nothing wrong or illegal in asking them to serve their country by giving back of their time and medical skills.

EREMY HARRIS, Diego Martin

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Letters to the Editor