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Tuesday 18 September 2018
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Kenyan pro runner in TT for multi-sport camp

Running coach Derrick Simon (centre front) goes through drills with participants of the Kenyan Running and Multi-Sport Camp, held at the Peake Training Grounds, Cocorite. At back centre is professional runner and coach Timothy Limo who is in TT to host the camp.


TIMOTHY Kipkorir Limo (Timo Limo), professional Kenyan 800metres runner and head coach of the Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy at the High Altitude Training Centre of Iten, Kenya is in TT. The highly sought after specialised coach in speed and technique has partnered with local triathlon clubs to host the week-long Kenyan Running and Multi-Sport Camp at the Peake Training Ground, Cocorite.

The camp catered three sessions for boys and girls under 15 years old and two sessions for adults this week.

Timo Limo said, “I’m getting support from everyone here and the athletes are very responsive. They do everything you say which is really good. My work depends on the progress of the athletes, if the progress is good we move forward quickly and if they don’t we would have to teach the technique more because only the technique will make you run fast.”

The 31- year-old is the coach of World Marathon Record holder Denis Kimetto along with Asbel Kiprop, Wilson Kipsang, Mary Keitany and Edna Kiplagat. He further explains, “The Centre trains world class athletes from all over the world and my current athletes have won many medals. I hope in the future I become the best in world coaching athletes all over the world not only home in Kenya but in TT because I want the young talents here to do good.”

The Adiddas-sponsored athlete said, “I have been a coach for eight years now but I’m still running professionally, so I do both because if you know the way…you can lead the way, a blind man cannot lead the way.”

Head organiser of the camp and triathlon coach Derrick Simon said, “This is a running camp which had a commendable turnout of 45 kids and 65 adults. It focused on distance technique, form and the different attributes of good running. We are educating the athletes from ground zero into developing the ability to run with better posture more efficiently.” He continued, “This is actually the first time Timo Limo has been out of Kenya specifically to do a camp only because of my desire for TT and the Caribbean.”

Simon gave us a further insight into the camp, “We did technique drills because it is the catalyst for building speed so we did a number of drills that really improves the ability to be more coordinated. We dealt with running technique and form so they have some fluidity in running and movement.”

Simon also mentioned, “Youth development is not direct to any specific type of running but it gives the kid the correct skills going forward so they can decide what distance they want to get into in the future. We are just giving them the correct tools and we understand that is a part of our training regime that is missing.”

Timo Limo was assisted in the sessions by a highly- qualified local triathlon staff of Derrick Simon, Nathalie Lafont, Jonah Camps and Derek Daniel.

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