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Thursday 18 July 2019
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Feminist group concerned about PNM skit

THE Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA) has expressed concern that a skit which was performed at the PNM’s family day on Sunday can evoke “violence and insensitivity” against women.

In a media release, the organisation said the skit’s purpose may have been to “reveal the ways in which the PNM could convert yellow into red, or rather a UNC supporter into a PNM supporter” as the two men dressed in a red costumes as gorillas are disrobing a woman in a yellow sari, with yellow being the colour associated with the UNC.

“The skit has been characterised by Minister of National Security Stuart Young as a ‘bit of fun’. But that is not the way it has been received by segments of our community, including us at CAFRA. Here are some of the messages which we received – we note that the person being disrobed of her sari is a woman; we note that the disrobers are dressed in costumes of violent animals – gorillas; we note the implication that UNC supporters are all Indians. These messages, intended or thoughtlessly conveyed, feed into or mirror some of the worst aspects of Trinidadian life.”

CAFRA also said the removal of another person’s clothes without consent is “an act of violence” and is usually done in the context of a sexual assault.

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