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Sunday 23 September 2018
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MP Ramdial calls on PM to apologise

MP for Couva North Ramona Ramdial in the lower house PHOTO BY AZLAN MOHAMMED

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial is calling on the Prime Minister to apologise to the Hindu community and all women of TT for a skit at the PNM’s sports and family day on Sunday which depicted a woman in a yellow sari being disrobed by two men dressed as gorillas.

Ramdial took Dr Rowley to task saying he allowed the party he leads "to choose aspects of the Hindu religion depicted through the skit to score cheap political points and to attack and disrespect all women in our nation."

In a media statement Ramdial said that as public opinion continues to weigh heavily against the PNM-led government, she as a Hindu woman "found it quite insulting and offensive to see a picture of a woman in a yellow sari being disrobed by two men dressed as gorillas."

She said to add insult to injury, the PRO of the PNM, newly-minted National Security Minister Stuart Young "chose to defend the actions by saying they were having "a little fun" and in no way should be taken as an attack on the Hindu community or on women in general."

She added that Young's statements clearly showed his ignorance and disrespect of the religious beliefs of Hindus. She explained that the story of the disrobing of the sari off the body of the goddess Draupadi by a gambling king to pay a debt and the intervention by Lord Krishna to save her by creating a never-ending disrobing, symbolises the reverence society should have for all women.

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