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Monday 20 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Was CoP selection process flawed?

THE EDITOR: I very much regret having to add to the matter of the recent approval by the Parliament of a Commissioner of Police, in particular the issue as to the integrity of the process by which the selection was eventually made.

Much heavy weather has been made (and continues to be made) of the assertion by the majority opinion of the joint selection committee (JSC) that the process, ie, the mechanism, used by the Police Service Commission (PSC), in accordance with the law, was “flawed” and that, in consequence, the resulting selection including, presumably, even the vote by the Parliament was itself “flawed.”

I do not wish to seem to be “correcting” the report of the majority opinion of the JSC. Indeed, it would be preposterous of me so to do.

However, it seems that at issue (and which is the “root cause” of the misunderstanding) is not whether the selection process, per se, was “flawed” but, on the other hand, whether use of the inputs into the process by the PSC was “flawed.”

It should be noted that these “inputs” (such as CVs etc, for example) would not themselves be subject to change.

Judging from arguments being put forward by government spokesmen, it seems that this latter (ie, misuse of the “inputs”) is the prevailing view. This is, of course, different from any possible outcome which condemns the process itself as being “flawed.”

I hope this clarifies this matter.



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