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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Successful care at excellent govt clinics

THE EDITOR: I compliment the Ministry of Health for the services being offered to citizens.

In August 2016, I had an asthma attack and visited the Maraval Health Centre and was treated for my ailment.

Asthma being a chronic disease, I was enrolled as a patient at the Maraval Health Centre.

All patients are expected to do blood tests periodically and I was given an appointment to do my test. The results showed that my prostate-specific antigen was high.

I was directed to the urology clinic at the PoS General Hospital which I joined. Subsequently, a biopsy was done and the results revealed that I had prostate cancer. The doctors began treating me immediately with tablets and an injection. At one of my regular visits to the health centre, the doctor asked me if I had any other complaints beside what was on my records. I pointed out that I experience a permanent hoarseness. After a preliminary examination, he referred me to the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) clinic at the hospital.

In order to get a clear picture of my complaint, I had to do a CT scan and made the necessary arrangement for my appointment. The day before my appointment, I had my regular visit to the urology clinic. This doctor also advised that I also needed a CT scan.

I informed him that I was scheduled to do another CT scan at the ENT clinic the following day and asked of it was possible to have both done simultaneously. He wrote a letter on my behalf requesting that the urology scan be done and the request was accepted. I had both scans done the following day.

After examining the report of the CT scan at the ENT clinic I was treated for acid reflux and discharged.

Upon receiving the report of the CT scan at the urology clinic I was referred to the St James Medical Complex Natural Radiotherapy Centre and the necessary arrangement was made for me to have radiation at the Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre.

The facilities at the centre are excellent. The staff is warm and welcoming, thus an atmosphere of comfort is created for all patients. The investment in that centre is truly invaluable.

I completed my radiation successfully and I am still attending the health centre and the St James clinic.

My sincere thanks to all the doctors, nurses, clerical staff and all who I interacted with and continue to interact with in the Ministry of Health.

May God continue to bless the services being offered to citizens by the Ministry of Health

MC MILLAN O’BRIEN via e-mail

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