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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

It's raining on Piarco doubles vendors

THE EDITOR: I recently went into the Local Food Court at the Piarco International Airport for the first time. This is the area where doubles are sold. It is covered with some white fabric.

I noticed that the ground was wet and that one doubles vendor was standing in water. This led to a very interesting conversation.

I was told that every time it rains, a large part of the food court gets wet because the fabric ceiling leaks. Rain also causes puddles in areas where some vendors were allocated spaces. They must stand in the water because there is nowhere else for them to go.

I thought about some of our foreign visitors whose first request, before leaving the airport, is to eat some doubles. What must they think?

It seems that the Airports Authority has turned a blind eye to the needs of some of its paying tenants over the years.

Unlike the international fast food franchises located in the main terminal, these local vendors, the salt of the earth, needlessly suffer from an uncaring landlord.

I hope the Airports Authority board headed by Keith Thomas would take a walk, when its raining, and see the conditions under which the doubles vendors operate.

By the way, the Airports Authority website which lists the names of its board members and executive management has "Executivment" instead of "Executive Management" as a heading. Did it run out of space to write the full words?


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