Man torches mother’s car, jailed on his birthday

A man who set fire to his mother’s car on Sunday was sentenced on his birthday yesterday to 18 months in jail.

Neil Singh turned 36 yesterday and, instead of celebrating, he appeared before magistrate Alicia Chankar in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to a charge of malicious damage.

The court heard that at about 10 am, Singh’s mother Chanardaye, 55, parked her silver AD wagon in front her house. Singh, who uses drugs, was living in the car.

Prosecutor PC Cleyon Seedan said Chanardaye saw Singh open the back door and pelt something inside.

He then ran off, the prosecutor said, and the mother saw black smoke coming from her car. She walked closer and saw the back seat on fire. Seedan said the fire spread rapidly.

Chankar was told Chanardaye telephoned the Mon Repos Fire Station, but by the time firemen arrived, the car was destroyed.

San Fernando police were also contacted and arrested Singh.

Seedan said he admitted that he threw a lit cigarette into the car, but told police that he did not expect the car to blaze.

A lighter was also found in Singh’s pants pocket, the court heard.

Chankar asked Singh the reason for his actions and he replied, “I leave the cigarette in the car and walked away to come back. I didn’t do it for spite.”

Chanardaye told Chankar she had given her son money to start a clothes business, but he took the money and bought drugs.

“He says he wants to change and he would say that now and come back by me and cuss and stress me out. Is the same thing every time.”

Chankar told the mother she has to practise tough love.


"Man torches mother’s car, jailed on his birthday"

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