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Thursday 18 July 2019
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Ex-CoP: Griffith could be best commissioner we ever had

Gary Griffith
Gary Griffith

FORMER police commissioner Trevor Paul who led the police service from 2004 - 2008, yesterday called on the public to give Gary Griffith a fair chance if he is approved by parliament Monday.

Paul said Griffith may turn out to be the best commissioner the country has ever seen if he is given the opportunity, but added he could only do the job if he is given an opportunity to do so.

“My position on that particular issue is that Gary Griffith applied for the job to be the commissioner of police, he was assessed by a firm that was chosen by the government to do the assessment. My understanding is that under the assessment they chose to put him on a merit list, he is on the list as far as I understand. His nomination is on Monday and I am just awaiting the outcome of it. If parliament says yes, so be it and if they say no then so be it as well.

“Let the man do the work if he has to do the work, and we will judge him from his performance.”

Paul said he did not wish to say anything further on the matter. Yesterday Second Division officers insisted they are standing by president of the Police Social and Welfare Association Inspector Michael Seales who publicly said that he does not support Griffith for the job because politics and policing does not mix.

Officers said they will be seeking a meeting with the executive of the association on Monday to discuss the way forward if Griffith is vetted and approved as this country’s next commissioner.

However, First Division Officers said that while they too are waiting to see the outcome of Monday’s special House sitting they are also anxious for the Merit List for the Deputy Commissioner of Police to be sent to the House for approval.

Officers said that Acting DCP Deodat Dulalchan whose name appears first on the Order of Merit List for the post of Deputy Commissioner is supposed to proceed on pre-retirement in April next year, officers said to approve Dulalchan as DCP who has just eight months may not sit too well.

Newsday was also informed the second name on the merit list Acting DCP Harold Phillip has more time on the job and should proceed on retirement early 2020 since he has exhausted all his leave. They are anxious to know if Phillip will be approved or rejected for the DCP post.

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