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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Jack backs Gary for CoP

Jack Warner
Jack Warner

FORMER national security minister Jack Warner on Tuesday said he believed that Gary Griffith would make an effective Commissioner of Police (CoP).

Warner told Newsday, “He is a doer and gets things done.”

Saying Griffith’s appointment may be “a welcome change,” Warner did not believe it was necessary for the CoP to be a member of the Police Service.

“TT is going through its worst crime wave ever. Therefore whatever or whoever can put a stop to this mayhem is welcome,” he explained.

Declaring it was necessary for law-abiding citizens to “fight back” against the criminals, Warner said, “In the circumstances, therefore, anyone can be a CoP as long as he/she can get the job done.”

Barataria/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan also believed the CoP did not have to be a police officer but felt whoever is appointed “should be a qualified management person.”

He says the Police Service “needs a management person with knowledge in performance assessment and follow up assessments.”

He opined, “The requirements of a police officer can only stymie better managers.”

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