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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Neighbour kills neighbour

Deadly weekend

Nicholas Narine
Nicholas Narine


A deadly weekend in Trinidad ended with four people killed in homicides and three in road traffic accidents.

Up to press time the murder toll was 307.

In separate incidents, a neighbour stabbed his neighbour to death with an ice-pick in Chase Village, near Chaguanas, a body was dumped under a doubles shed in Woodland, south Trinidad, and two men were killed in a double murder in Tunapuna.

Three men were killed in separate road traffic accidents in San Fernando and Valencia. Autopsies are expected to be conducted today.

Neighbour kills neighbour

Nicholas Narine, 25, of Ramcharan Trace, Chase Village, was stabbed repeatedly with an ice-pick by his neighbour, hours after he reported to police he was receiving threats to his life.

Narine died in the arms of his mother, Marilyn, on Saturday night. He was stabbed in the chest and died minutes after the attack.

Freeport police confirmed Narine, an IT technician, filed a report on Friday. A 21-year-old man was arrested and is in police custody.

Police said at about 11.30 pm, on Saturday, the suspect went to Narine’s home to return a speaker box. When Narine opened the door to take the item, the man pulled out an ice-pick, shoved him to the ground and began stabbing him.

The attacker ran out of the house after Narine’s mother began screaming.

At the family’s home yesterday, Marilyn was inconsolable. “He killed my only child and I couldn’t do anything.” She said she called for an ambulance, but her son was bleeding a lot.

“Blood just continued to ooze out from wounds in his chest. He asked me to take him to the bathroom to take a shower. I held him up and took him to the bathroom. It was there he died, on the bathroom floor.”

“I feel as this is all a dream. I can’t believe he is dead. He did not deserve this.”

She said her son and his killer were close friends and knew her son made a report with the Freeport police. However, she said his attacker’s family also made a similar report that her son threatened them.

“This was not true. My son could not and will never threaten someone life.”

She blamed the Freeport police for not responding to her son’s report.

Tunapuna shooting , two dead, one wounded

A shooting in Tunapuna on Saturday night ended with two dead and one wounded in what investigators are describing as a drug-related shooting.

According to sources, Keshorn Carmona, 20, Victor Walker 29 and Damien Phillips, 34, were liming along Back Street, Tunapuna, at around 9 pm, when they were fired at by unseen attackers.

Residents reported hearing the gunfire and later saw the three men lying on the ground. Both Carmona and Walker were shot several times in the chest and stomach, while Phillips was shot in both legs.

Inspectors Lawrence, Maraj, Cpl Mohammed of the Region 2 Homicide Bureau along with Ag Asp Hospedales visited the scene with a district medical officer who pronounced Carmona and Walker dead.

Phillips was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where he is receiving treatment for his wounds.

Body dumped under doubles shed

Lutchman Ramcharan, 24, of Jacksingh Trace, Woodland, told relatives he was going to lime in the village. He left home at 5.30 pm. His body was found at 2 am on Sunday morning under a doubles shed near the roadside in La Fortune. He was chopped.

Woodland murder victim Lutchman Ramcharan

Ramcharan’s sister, Rupa, 37, said her brother told family he received threats from people in the village, but he did not report it to police.

She said when a villager told her brother was under a doubles shed and was not moving, she did not think he was dead.

She walked to the shed with a torchlight and found his body.

“There were gashes to his head and his face was covered in blood. I could not believe what I was seeing. What kind of monster would do this?”

She said Ramcharan was not a violent person.

“The only thing I can think about is that he told me he had an argument with some men recently and they threatened to kill him,” she said. “I really hope the police do their best to find whoever did this to my brother.”

Bizarre hit and run

In a bizarre turn of events, a man who fell asleep and crashed his Hilux, was killed by a passing car.

Javeed Hassanali, 37, La Romaine, died at about 3.55 am, after he was returning home with his Suzan Ali.

Javed Hassanali

Police said when he reached the San Fernando bye-pass, Hassanali fell asleep and his pick-up veered off the road, near to the Pleasantville intersection.

The pick-up mounted the median and when it stopped, Hassanali, who was jolted awake, got out to check on the damage when a white AD wagon struck him.

Police said that the driver did not stop. Hassanali was pitched a few feet in the air and fell on the road where he died.

Hassanali friends appealed on Facebook to the driver of the white AD wagon to give himself up.

“To the person that killed this man and drove off last night, you snuffed the life of a young man well loved my many.”

Police kill bandit

Police fatally shot a bandit in Charlieville, Chaguanas, at about 2.10 am, after he and two other men robbed a family.

Police said a couple drove into their yard at Assaraff Road, when the men ordered them at gun-point into their house.

The couple was beaten and their attackers robbed them of cash, jewellery and cell phones, before leaving in a green B-14 car.

Police said the men were confronted a short distance from the house and were fired upon. The police returned fire, shooting one of the men, who is said to be from Wharton Lane, Laventille. The two others escaped.

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