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Sunday 21 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Make Chag safe and accessible

THE EDITOR: In an effort to make Chaguaramas more accessible and safe, there should be motorcycle cops patrolling the Western Main Road from Glencoe to Chaguaramas on weekends and public holidays, enforcing the laws so that there is no indiscriminate parking.

Part of this exercise should include two officers stationed in close proximity to every bar, ensuring that vehicles do not impede the free flow of traffic.

In the Chaguaramas area where families visit the boardwalk and the new adventure park, there should be bicycle cops patrolling and mixing with the people, giving everyone a sense of safety and comfort.

This concept should not only apply to Chaguaramas but everywhere in the country where families go to relax and enjoy themselves.

GERARD DUVAL, Petit Valley

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