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Saturday 20 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Tobago business

THE EDITOR: Sound travels well over water, and the following refrain blaring above the rum-fuelled, chook-and-jam noise that passes for "we music," floats loud and clear across the bay from Plymouth:

“Mind you f------ business! Mind you f------ business!" Over and over again. No mistake. Loud and clear.

Plymouth, you see, has been celebrating, in its own way, their slot in the Tobago Heritage Festival and was at it all night, culminating in a non-carnival jourvert that was still in full fete mode yesterday morning when this particular song advising we mind our own "effing" business came through.

We wonder what the tourists at Turtle Beach Hotel who, like my wife and I at our home in Courland would have suffered a sleepless night, would have made of it. After all, they might well have been enticed to visit us by all that glossy publicity promising an island that not only "grew more beautiful," but was "clean, green and serene." And now this advice!!

No, man. Time to go home.

Yesterday morning at 11 am with the noise finally at an end and the music trucks silent you certainly needed to mind your business if you were driving past the Plymouth Road / Shivan Road junction and wanted to avoid a collision with the night’s fetesters crossing the road, some of them non-too-steady and all of them probably deaf.

Next year we shall check into a hotel far, far away when Plymouth once again brings in the music trucks.

And, by the way, isn’t it against the law to use obscene language in public?

Alex de Verteuil, Courland

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