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Monday 20 May 2019
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Man: My brother does not remember anything

Woman shot dead, husband’s face blown-off

SHOT DEAD: School teacher Margaret Guevarra who was found shot to death in her Sangre Grande home.
SHOT DEAD: School teacher Margaret Guevarra who was found shot to death in her Sangre Grande home.

THE brother of a Sangre Grande father of five who was found with his face blown away by a shotgun blast at his Coalmine, Sangre Grande home on February 26, has denied his brother is refusing to cooperate with the police.

Peter Diaz insists his brother has suffered memory loss as a result of his injuries and is unable to tell police what happened on the morning of February 26, when he was found with a gunshot wound to his face and his wife Margaret Guevarra was lying dead nearby, with gunshot wounds to her chest.

According to Diaz, his brother still has shotgun pellets embedded in his brain. Neurosurgeons had to remove a piece of his brother’s skull to facilitate surgery. The left side of his brother’s head is sunken and there is damage to the left side the brain.

Diaz said his brother is unable to move his fingers to write notes although he was able to do so prior to surgery. Diaz said despite the public’s perception, he believes no fingers should be pointed at his brother for what transpired and if his brother remembered what had happened, he would not intentionally withheld that information from police.

Diaz told Sunday Newsday that he has been given the Power of Attorney to deal with any of his brother’s interests and one of the first thing he did was to have his brother’s high-end motorcycle valued $60,000, reclaimed from the possession of his sister’s-in-law relative.

Additionally, Diaz noted that when he first began visiting his brother at hospital he began showing him pictures of his deceased wife and his five children and tears welled up. “My brother is missing his family terribly and while he is going through that hurt, he is depressed over his injuries and having to be confined to a bed and guarded by a police officer around the clock,” Diaz said.

Diaz also revealed that his brother is being fed a liquid diet and while he is “coming along”, he has indicated through gestures that he is not happy. “My brother tries to speak to me but I do not understand what he tries to say. I know this is frustrating him.”

Diaz revealed that his brother sold honey and when he earned about $80,000 he built the foundation for a house and together with his wife, they constructed the house. He said now that the house has been put up for sale by the Home Mortgage Bank, efforts will be made to ensure the property remains with his brother.

Diaz said if his brother cannot remember anything, then it will be up to the police to decide their next course of action. I cannot tell the police what to do or how to do their job but the police need to get their information on what happened on February 26, Diaz said.

Contacted for comment, police who are investigating the shooting death of Guevarra said they will have to wait until Diaz’s brother recuperates fully before attempts are made to interview him about his wife’s death. They are also liaising with the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice on the matter.

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