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Monday 22 July 2019
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Investigation into gambling police

Hours after a video showing a man dressed in police uniform using a gambling machine went viral on Facebook, the Police Service announced an investigation into the video.

In the 30-second-long video the man is seen pressing buttons on the machine and staring intently at the screen. He seems unaware that he is being recorded. The video was viewed thousands of times and shared on both Facebook and Whatsapp.

While the man was criticised by several people, many social media users jumped to his defence, reasoning that he may have been using the machine to pass time while waiting for a meal.

But a page with the name “Mad Team Radio” posted another video around noon yesterday showing the same man and two other men in police uniforms.

In that 23-second-long video, the man is again recorded using a gambling machine, while the other two men also in police uniform sit at a nearby table.

It was titled “For those of you that still doubt the first video we posted with the officer on duty in full uniform gambling.”

The police service said Sgt Marilyn Phillip from the Cunupia Police Station will lead the investigation.

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