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Monday 20 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Relevant,seamlesseducation system

THE EDITOR: Recently, we received results about student performance in the 2018 SEA examination. By September, we will be supplied with data relevant to student performance at secondary, post-secondary, and tertiary educational institutions.

Indeed, the release of examination results always stimulates interest and excitement. However, these results do not answer my questions on whether students who seem to have done well will prove to be our most brilliant, best adjusted, ethical, and critical thinking citizens, able to respond to the imperatives of an unfolding civilisation.

All nations in the current age should be preoccupied with improving educational policy to help integrate societies and economies of the world for greater world stability, wealth, and peace. Unfortunately, global problems – poverty, internecine and regional conflict, social misunderstanding and bias – remain. Further, hemispheric geopolitical tensions continue to be a problem.

We take great pleasure in talking about diversification. We also talk about the crime problem. In the developed world, much brainstorming is generated about the future of work, immigration and racism, and about how we can prepare children to cope with such imperatives. Yet citizens – in the developed, developing, and underdeveloped world – continue to be plagued by poverty, unemployment, social problems, and a dearth of emotional intelligence.

Clearly, our world education systems are not optimally satisfying human needs. Much still remains to be done. All nations still require educational reform. Indeed, for us, the concern should be when we will focus on promoting a truly democratic, relevant, and seamless curriculum in our schools.


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