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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Moore: Enquiries continue in Signal Hill shootout

ACP Garfield Moore, Tobago Division, said on Monday that enquires continuing into an exchange of gunfire between a gunman and police officers at the Lambeau/Signal Hill junction last Wednesday. Moore also said that calls by residents for increased police patrols in the area was dependent upon the outcome of these enquires.

Last Friday, he told Newsday Tobago that police had launched a full-scale investigation into the incident in which officers were fired upon and had cause to return fire. He said that the gunman ran through some nearby bushes and escaped. He said no one was injured in the incident.

On Monday, residents told Newsday Tobago that a young man who they identified as being involved in the shootout was walking the streets as normal. They are calling for police to speed up the investigations and to rid the village of the illegal firearms.

Residents’ reported that just after 7pm last Wednesday, loud explosions were heard, followed by the sounds of police sirens. They said an armed, plainclothes police officer was in the area conducting investigations when he was fired upon and that on hearing the gunshots, other officers were summoned, and the shootout ensued with over 15 shots fired.

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