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Saturday 20 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Under attack from pushers

THE EDITOR: The Esmeralda community is under attack from bandits and drug pushers and no one seems to care about us.

I am a mother of three sons and each day I become more concerned they will be the next victims of the drug trade in my village. After many reports to the police hotline and many calls to the Gasparillo police I am left with no choice but to write to the papers hoping the police will get serious about patrolling Esmeralda Village.

Almost every evening and late at nights cars with young boys drive Corosal Road and calls to the Gasparillo Police Station are never taken seriously. They drive without the headlights on and there is talk in the village that they transport marijuana for young people in the village.

My family lives in fear that the drug trade will bring bandits closer to us and our children are being exposed to this cocaine-based marijuana coming from Jamaica.

As a mother I am begging the Gasparillo police to arrest those young boys who are bringing drugs into our humble, peaceful village.


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Letters to the Editor