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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Senior cop threatens lawsuit against top cop

THREATS: Ag Snr Supt Ajith Persad who is threatening legal action over the date set for the next promotion exam.

HEAD of Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Department (CID), acting Snr Supt Ajith Persad is threatening to take acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams to court over the setting of a date for promotion examinations, next month.

In a pre-action protocol letter, attorney Gerald Ramdeen who represents Persad, is questioning Williams’ decision to set the promotion exams for August 8.

Ramdeen said the time Persad was allowed to prepare for the exams is inadequate, as his current duties and the “present state of criminality” in the country, give him less than a month to prepare.

Ramdeen also said Persad is not entitled to access his leave so that he can prepare. Williams has been given seven days to respond to the letter.

Ramdeen told Williams his power to set exams for promotions must be exercised fairly and it was only this week Persad was provided with the material to be assessed in the exams.

“In the circumstances,” Ramdeen wrote, “any attempt to hold these exams as proposed by you will give all other persons writing the exams an unfair advantage over my client. Fairness will require that my client be allowed the opportunity to advance himself in the service to the rank of Superintendent of Police before the present exams are held.

“This is the only way in which my client will be treated fairly in the promotion process.

“This would then allow my client to compete in the promotion exams for the position of Senior Superintendent of Police.”

In June 2017, by consent, Persad was promoted retroactively to the rank of ASP and has acted in the Snr Supt post since September.


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