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Sunday 24 March 2019
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Quiet funeral for Sgt Alexander

SUSPENDED Special Reserve Police sergeant who died one day later after setting himself on fire was yesterday cremated at the Guides Funeral Home, Coffee Street, San Fernando.

Alexander, 61, who served as a police sergeant with the Trinidad and Tobago Police service before joining the Special Reserved unit, lit himself on fire in the presence of his son Jacy, daughter Shanice and wife Deborah Figaro.

The incident took place outside the family’s home at Jeobdhsingh Trace, Kerissa Valley, Avocat Village, Fyzabad, last Sunday morning. Following a domestic quarrel, Alexander doused himself and his car with a flammable liquid.

He reportedly sat in the car and struck a match. Images of the burning car, in which he committed the act and of his body engulfed in flames have gone viral on social media. Alexander died on July 9, from the burns he sustained at the San Fernando General Hospital.

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