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Friday 13 December 2019
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‘Come together as one’

Wife of murdered man calls for peace

THE common law wife of murdered Trou Macaque resident Moses Brewster, 32, called for an end to crime and violence while speaking to reporters at the Forensic Science Centre in St James. Brewster was killed in Trou Macaque near the basketball court on Wednesday night at about 6.45 pm.

“I just want things to go back to normal,” said the mother of four.

“I just want everyone to come back to a place of love, and come together as one. Because of this nonsense my children have to grow up without a father, and that is very hard.”

Relatives said they believed that he was caught as collateral damage in an ongoing feud between rival gangs in the East Port of Spain area.

Brewster’s wife told reporters that he was the father of two of her four children, but he treated all four of them, like they were his own. She described him as a people person, and said he was a labourer who specialised in installing tiles and building cupboards. She said that to her knowledge, he had no falling out with anyone and had not been involved in any criminal activity.

Brewster’s wife said while the area in which he lived had become dangerous because of the gang war, he didn’t concern himself with the danger because he was not affiliated with either gang.

“When the war started we used to tell him why you walking up and down the place so? He used to say he is not in Rasta City or Muslim so he have nothing to worry about. But like yesterday (Wednesday) wasn’t his day.” The murder toll for the year now stands at 294.

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