Western Division Police: Enjoy Chaguaramas

Photo courtesy: Theillers B&B
Photo courtesy: Theillers B&B

Senior Superintendent of the Western Division Neville Sankar says police will maintain a visible presence throughout Chaguaramas and remain on high alert.

Speaking with Newsday, Sankar invited people to come and enjoy the peninsula with their families.

He said security along the boardwalk had been increased.

"If you go right now you will see a noticeable increase in police in the area as well as an increase in mobile patrols."

He said they have made some strategic changes to the allocation of manpower and want the public to rest assured that police in western division are on top of things.

"I want everyone to rest assured and to enjoy Chaguaramas and don't let this one incident with the triple murder spoil your vacation time," Sankar said.

Asked about reports that the gunmen on Sunday's shooting arrived by pirogue, Sankar said there was no evidence to indicate that was true.


"Western Division Police: Enjoy Chaguaramas"

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