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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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9 yr old girl writes Buckingham Palace

BIG DREAMS: Anisha Rampersad with one of her dolls.
BIG DREAMS: Anisha Rampersad with one of her dolls.

ANISHA RAMPERSAD, nine, is so facinated about the life of the Queen of England, she wrote her a letter. Queen Elizabeth 11 has not yet received it at Buckingham palace, but in the one-page letter, the little girl expressed her desire to meet her. Anisha is a Standard 3 pupil of Debe Hindu Primary school. Newsday spoke to Anisha yesterday and she said she learned who Queen Elizabeth is from watching television shows. She has also read about her on the internet. Anisha, who addressed the letter to ‘Her Majesty the Queen’, first identified herself and where she lives, at Clakia Road, Penal. She wrote, she is from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and has a brother. “I am writing this letter because of my admiration for for you. You are a true role model of how a lady should conduct herself,” Anisha said.

QUEEN GREETING: Letter to the Queen by Anisha Rampersad.

Anisha’s mom, Nichelle Rampersad, said that her daughter is facinated about Kings and Queens, but she never believed they exist in real life. “And when I told her there is a Queen and she is in England, she was most facinated,” Rampersad said. Anisha told Queen Elizabeth she often thinks about herself as a queen “and how it feels.” The child wrote, “How does it feel to be a real queen; to live in a real palace?” She continued, “I really wish to meet you in person. My passion is to help people and animals My heart is filled with love just like yours.” Among the things about Queen Elizabeth Anisha was told by her parents, is that she is the longest reigning monarch - over 66 years. And, she is 91 years old. Anisha, who wrote the letter on plain white paper and in black ink, said she hopes to meet her soon. The letter was posted via Trinidad and Tobago Postal Service and ended with Anisha’s desire for a reply soon from the Queen.

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