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Monday 24 September 2018
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Woman raped by PH driver and accomplice while man looks on

A Caroni woman who was abducted on Tuesday afternoon by a man posing as a taxi driver, with two accomplices, was sexually assaulted by the driver and one of the other men while the third cheered them on.

The 36-year-old woman got into a white Nissan Wingroad at the Kelly Village taxi stand in Curepe around 12.20 pm on Tuesday and asked to be taken to Caroni. She sat in the rear passenger seat. There were two other men in the car.

On reaching Washington Junction, the driver turned onto the Old Southern Main road. The woman asked where he was going, but he refused to answer.

He drove to Warren Road, Bejucal, close to a savannah, where the assault took place. The victim told police one of the men cheered on and gave instructions to the rapists.

They then drove her to Curepe, near the old Kay-Donna drive-in cinema, where she was allowed to leave.

Central Division police are advising women traveling in private vehicles to be extremely alert and said they have been receiving reports of rapists posing as PH drivers.


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