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Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Police: Phones stolen, we will recover it

ASP Michael Jackman
ASP Michael Jackman

The police said they will do all they can to recover stolen items, and the recovery of Finance Minister Colm Imbert's son's phone was not treated as a special case.

Acting Asst Snr Supt Michael Jackman said the recovery of Imbert's phone was successfully done by the Cybercrime unit, which worked in collaboration with other units responsible for recovering stolen items.

At the weekly police media briefing today, he said, "If approached by an armed assailant who demands you hand over your property, comply with the demand," and said property can be replaced or recovered, but a life cannot.

Jackman urged people to co-operate fully with the police by supplying any helpful information and bringing criminals to justice.

"Do not challenge suspicious-looking individuals yourself, but report such persons to the police," said Jackman.

Asked for statistics on how many stolen electronic devices the police have found, Jackman said he had no specific numbers at hand. He said, however, in his experience he can attest that various police units have recovered many stolen items.

He said the police will increase their visibility during the July-August school vacation, both in uniform and plain clothes. He said the public is asked to co-operate in partnering with the police. This he said can be done by being vigilant and aware of surroundings, taking note of exit points in case of emergencies, and reporting suspicious people quickly.

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