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Monday 16 July 2018
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Cops query qualifying marks for promotion

Ag. Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams PHOTO:ANGELO M. MARCELLE

First Division Officers are querying the decision by Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to apply a qualifying mark in the promotion of officers.

At a recent briefing with First Division Officers, the Acting Commissioner said that officers will be required to score above 50 per cent in their promotion exams to move to the second phase of the promotion exercise.

Officers are expected to write the first phase of the exam in four weeks time. However, the officers are claiming this move by the Commissioner is not what the Police Service Act provides and that his decision will generate legal action if it is not removed.

On Monday the Police Social and Welfare Association wrote the Acting Commissioner after receiving complaints from the membership of the First Division.

Yesterday Secretary of the Association ASP Anand Ramesar confirmed that the Association’s President, Insp Michael Seales despatched the letter to the Acting CoP as a result of the complaints.

He said the association’s position was outlined in the letter and it speaks to a recent judgement “while we acknowledge that the Acting CoP has interest in promoting the most competent officers available to him, the process does not allow him to put a qualifying mark in the process.


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