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Sunday 24 March 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Unfair positionby body

THE EDITOR: I have been following closely the issue with the private secondary schools making unreasonable demands for more money for SEA students sent to these schools by the Government.

In these tough economic times with the Government trying to keep the economy afloat with limited money, it is an unfair position that the leadership of the Private Secondary Schools Association is taking on this matter.

It has also reached the point where the association is threatening to shut down the schools for the start of the September term if they do not receive increased funding. Issuing threats is not the way to solve this problem.

What is also disappointing is the kind of disrespectful language used by the president of the association who accused the Education Minister of being ridiculous and vindictive. It is important for citizens to respect the high office of the Education Minister – or any other minister for that matter – and not use these kinds of words to describe him.

Then there is the negative economic effect that closing these schools would have because it would lead to loss of jobs for the teachers and other staff members. Also, the students would be denied their basic human right of receiving an education.

I call on the association not to take such drastic action for the sake of their students.


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