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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Former Security Minister: Nothing wrong with using resources to find Colm’s son’s phone

Former National Security Minister, Brigadier General Carl Alfonso

Former Minister of National Security Carl Alfonso said this afternoon, he saw nothing wrong with the police using all their resources to recover a phone valued $5000 which was stolen from the son of Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

Today, social media was abuzz with comments from members of the social media community who took to Facebook and Instagram to protest police elite units teaming up to find the stolen phone. According to former Brigadaire Alphonso, if he was still National Security Minister, he would have taken a personal interest in the matter and would have also engaged the acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to use state of the art technology and intelligence gathering from all police units to recover the stolen phone. In fact, he noted,

"This is normal practice. There is nothing wrong with it. I believe the police would do it for any member of the public because that is their job and people should also remember that Minister Imbert's son is a citizen of this country and he should be treated like any other victim of crime.

"People are reading it the wrong way and they should look at the flip side that if the perpetrators are found and brought to justice, that would mean two miscreants being treated by the heavy hand of the law and are made to pay for their crime."


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