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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Cops: Lodge Road, an emerging crime hotspot

File photo.
File photo.

CENTRAL Division police yesterday described an entire community at Lodge Road, Claxton Bay as the newest crime hotspot crime area, and they believe gangsters from Port of Spain are being harboured in Lodge Road by the son of a prisoner who remains incarcerated on drugs, murder and kidnapping charges.

Senior police said that within recent times the prisoner’s son and stepson have been warring over drug turf and this has led to several shootings and woundings. Police say the warring step-brothers have invited gangsters from Port of Spain into the area to assist them in their ongoing battle.

Sources said the gang members include some from the Muslim and Rasta City gangs and Unruly Isis.

Police also said people who live in the area have imposed a dusk to dawn curfew on themselves out of fear of being shot or robbed by their new “neighbours.”

Residents are begging the police to flush out these criminal elements so that peace can return to Lodge Road.

“The amount of guns and drugs hidden in this area is unbelievable and if police are serious about fighting crime they should set up a unit in this area and they will be amazed to see the amount of illegal items they will find,” said a resident who contacted Newsday.

ASP Richard Smith of Central Division confirmed that police have received information about illegal activities taking place at Lodge Road but said he and his team are working around the clock to deal with the situation.

Smith said he and his officers have carried out exercises to target gangsters who migrated from Port of Spain to Central. He said five members of the Unruly Isis gang were taken into custody on Thursday night.

Smith also said gang members have moved into some areas of Cunupia and those areas are being carefully monitored.

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