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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Trafalgar Motors introduces the new Jaguar E-PACE

The Trafalgar Motors sales team. From left are Christopher Lalla, Shandi Silochan, Krystal Woo, Vayu Piper, Scott Phillips, Maria Gonsalves and Blaine Moze.

Trafalgar Motors has launched the Jaguar E-PACE, a compact SUV with an all-wheel-drive system and featuring a variety of technological capabilities.

Trafalgar Motors sales manager Scott Philips addresses guests at the launch of the Jaguar E-PACE compact SUV.

Using hardware and software developed in Jaguar’s digital laboratories, the vehicle's technology provides for connection to devices, allowing seamless access to networks and data.

Looking under the hood of the Jaguar E-PACE.

“We designed the E-PACE to be a Jaguar for active people who need space and practicality, but see no reason to compromise on performance. Its proportions, stance and lines express this as a driver’s car, while the interior offers true Jaguar levels of luxury and sportiness,” said Ian Callum, director of Design at Jaguar.

Guests at the launch of the Jaguar E-PACE have a look at the features of the luxury vehicle.

The event was held at Brian Lara’s residence, Port of Spain, where guests were treated to an exclusive viewing.


Photos courtesy Trafalgar Motors


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