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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Academic Staff union calls for UTT president to go

THE Unified Tertiary Tutors Academic Staff Association is calling for UTT president Sarin Al Zubadi to step down. The recently formed union represents members of UTT's academic staff. The union's secretary Deo Seeram made the call this morning after the dismissal of five more lecturers from the Corinth campus on Friday. Seeram said the union views the dismissals as a betrayal since Al Zubadi had assured that there would be no more retrenchment of academic staff. The union said it was told at the last meeting that the next phase of restructuring would involve administrative staff to be followed by rationalisation of campuses. Seeram said they were told by Al Zubadi that only when those exercises are completed, if he is still not able to balance the budget, would he send home more academic staff.

Seeram is contending that to date the other two exercises are still pending and is questioning how less than a month after giving that assurance the president is sending home lecturers.

The union official said the action of the president is a clear indication that he has acted in bad faith and, as a consequence, the union has lost all faith in him to negotiate and is therefore calling for his immediate removal.

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