Over 6,000 want gun licences

File Photo: Jeff Mayers.
File Photo: Jeff Mayers.

OVER a period of ten years, more than 6,000 applications for firearms users' licences have been sent to the office of the Commissioner of Police, according to one source yesterday.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source told Newsday that a more streamlined approach was needed to respond to the public's applications firearms users' licences.

Sources also said there has been an increase in the number of applications filed over the past three years, presumably owing to the increase in the murder rate, and predicted there may be more applications in the coming years.

"It's something that definitely needs to be looked at. There needs to be a more closely monitored and streamlined process for us to sort through this backlog and respond to applicants in a more timely manner.

"It seems that there are more requests coming in from the business community especially for firearms users' licences, so the need to put in place a proper review committee is needed now more than ever."

Newsday also spoke to Paul Nahous, chief training officer at Blue Line Law Enforcement Academy, who said while the application process could be better regulated for efficiency, he felt proper vetting was necessary, given the importance of the licence being issued.

"It's a serious licence to issue. You are giving permission to purchase ammunition too. In essence, whatever fallout (there is) rests on the commissioner and police's hands to deal with, especially in such a violent society, where people are generally aggressive and domestic disputes are rampant," Nahous said.


"Over 6,000 want gun licences"

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