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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Businessman: I was planassed 50 times

A BUSINESSMAN testified that nine years ago he was planassed 50 times by another man at a bar. Wesley Harper suffered a broken leg during the attack. This was the evidence heard by a jury in the San Fernando High Court, where Adrian Hackett is on trial for wounding Harper.

The case is being heard before Justice Hayden St Clair Douglas and a nine-member jury with two alternates. Hackett is accused of kicking Harper to the ground and beating him with a cutlass at a bar in Rio Claro.

n his opening address, state attorney Trevor Jones told the court that on November 18, 2009, Harper was at a bar when he got into an argument with Hackett.

However, Jones said the accused is claiming he is the victim, as he was defending himself when Harper attacked him.

Harper testified on that day he went to a bar to meet a friend and joined in a game of cards with a group of friends. Hackett, the court heard, was also taking part.During the game, the court heard, an argument started between Harper and Hackett. “We ended up in ole talk and I say, ‘Boy, allyuh is a waste of time.”” With those words Harper said, he left the game and walked away.

Harper testified that Hackett followed him and punched him in the left eye, then kicked Harper on his left leg, so that he fell. Hackett then left the bar and walked towards his car. Harper said Hackett returned to the bar with a cutlass.

“That man planassed me about 50 times on my back. He ripped out my jersey to make sure I can feel the blows on my back.”

Harper told the court he tried to stand up, but could not. Two other men came to Harper’s assistance and Hackett left the bar. The trial continues.

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