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Thursday 15 November 2018
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Letters to the Editor

We can all help reduce flooding

THE EDITOR: The rainy season is here once more and this brings anxiety and stress for thousands of our citizens because of the expectation of major flooding to many areas in TT.

This has now become a recurring decimal that whenever rain shows up uncertainty steps into many homes. Let me say it, TT does have a major problem in this area. My heart goes out for those who are consistently bombarded by this challenge with no relief, putting a strain on them physically, emotionally and financially.

There are three things that need urgent action. First of all the unclean drainage. Many of the waterways have bush as high as a forest growing in them creating a major problem. There are people responsible for cleaning these drains. Where are these individuals? They need to be consistently on the job. I have heard of reports of people calling the relevant authorities and all they got were promises and nothing else. We need to show more care and compassion to these citizens by assisting them in a timely fashion.

Then we have the down time with machinery put there to assist in preventing the excessive flooding in some of the areas. For example pumps and other man-made structures, so many of these things are not functioning or destroyed. Come on! We need to have them operating if we are really serious.

Finally, I took note of a major problem, dumping of garbage in our rivers and waterways. That is also contributing seriously to the problem. Our waterways are filled with bamboo, plastic bottles, cups, plates, old fridges, stoves and mattresses and the list goes on. Citizens need to do better than that if we are going to reduce flooding in TT. Also please do not divert water courses for your own personal benefit that, too, is creating an issue.

We need to all take responsibility and do our part, in whatever way, to bring to an end this problem.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan

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