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Wednesday 14 November 2018
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Fantastic Faatimah

11-year-old plays golf, swims and loves to spell

A supporter shelters Faatimah Emamalie in the Republic Bank 2015 Junior Golf Tournament at St Andrews Golf Club, Moka, Maraval. PHOTO COURTESY ALICIA EMAMALIE
A supporter shelters Faatimah Emamalie in the Republic Bank 2015 Junior Golf Tournament at St Andrews Golf Club, Moka, Maraval. PHOTO COURTESY ALICIA EMAMALIE

Faatimah Emamalie is an 11-year-old who shares a love for golf and swimming–and words.

She is fiercely competitive as her success in the sports and recently in a spelling bee has shown.

“I like golf and swimming a lot but golf gets the edge because it is fun and I get to make new friends,” said Faatimah in an interview with NewsdayKids.

“I play golf using the USA kids golf clubs as they are light in weight and give me more control of the golf club.”

Faatimah Emamalie, in front row, second from left, as a member of the national golf team at St Andrews Golf Club, Moka, Maraval in 2017.

“The main technique in golf is to aim at your intended target, create a solid stand by ensuring that your chest is in line with the ball, grip the club and swing, ensure that you move your hip when swinging.”

She has been playing golf since she was three and now plays 18 holes at an amateur level. The most notable on her extensive list of accomplishments and trophies are her participation in the TT Institute of Golf Tournament 2018 and the Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship 2017 where she was the youngest competitor in the under-13 category. She received a certificate in the Blink Vigilance Junior Golf Clinic, Chaguaramas for the level of Advance II in 2014 and in the Chaguaramas Junior Golf Clinic, also that year, she placed first in the Intermediate II Girls category.

Faatimah plays in Trincity with Millennium Lakes Golf and Country Club.

“I see myself going further with golf. I hope that one day I can rise to the level of a professional golfer.”

She also enjoys swimming because she sees it is a form of exercise which is fun. “I started learning how to swim at the age of two and a half. I am with the Sea Hawks Swim Club and the coaches, Terry-Ann Evans and Brian Wickham are the best.”

At the 9th New Year Splash 2017 held at Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Faatimah placed third in the category of Developmental Female 9-10.

Faatimah plays golf on Tuesdays and Thursdays while she has swimming at Centre of Excellence on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

She swims and golfs alongside her 13-year-old brother Irfaan, who attends Trinity College East. Irfaan has excelled in these areas as well. They are both inspired by their cousin Sachin Kumar who has taken part in golf tournaments at the national and international level.

Learning Living Institute student Faatimah Emamalie competes at the Kool Kidz Sancom National Spelling Bee at the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies where she placed third on June 5.

Faatimah attends Learning Living Institute, Arouca and recently placed third at the 2018 Kool Kidz Sancom National Spelling Bee.

This was her second time competing in the spelling bee and her first finals.

“I was grateful and excited to make it into the finals and place in the top three.” She looks forward to competing in upcoming word championships.

How does she balance schoolwork with golf and swimming?

“I separate the time I give between school and other activities. When I get home I try to do most of my homework and whenever I don’t finish I tell my teacher the truth and they usually understand.”

Faatimah’s favourite subject is Language Arts and takes lessons for the subject, as well as creative writing and mathematics. Her goal is to become a pharmacist.

Faatimah advises anyone to follow their dreams, “no matter how big they may be and always do what you love.”


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