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Saturday 17 November 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Don’t disrespect pan

THE EDITOR: Your editorial headlined Knocking Columbus off his pedestal is deserving of commendation. For far too long this violent coloniser and beneficiary of fake historical news has been the recipient of international adulation.

It is equally important that recognition be given to the obvious grounds for the confiscation of a relatively recent commercial monument that is an insult to our national instrument. I refer to the depiction of pan located on the green verge outside the Jean Pierre Complex. Embedded on its surface are ABSOLUT vodka bottle-shapes that are meant to outline the notes on the instrument! That aside, there is absolutely no connection between the product advertised and the national instrument! It is an insult to the citizenry to have a foreign firm, a firm that has a record for controversial advertisements, advertise its product by utilising an inaccurate and inappropriate nomenclature ie ABSOLUT PAN!

While I do not know who is responsible for the placement of this commercial monument, I sincerely hope that it is not the price we have to pay for keeping the green verge in the vicinity of the national stadium presentable. It is interesting that enquiries into this issue have fallen on deaf ears and, “I’ll look into it,” responses.

It took us an extremely long time to recognise the indignity of having a statue of Columbus erected in the capital city. Will it take another generation or two to recognise the many grounds for the removal of a commercial monument that is an insult to pan, our national instrument?

John Henry, Petit Valley.

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