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Saturday 17 November 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Board, PTA must share one voice

THE EDITOR: I am in total solidarity with the parents of students of Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School No1 to have their own school building. However, the parent teachers association and the Presbyterian Board must unite and work together in the interest of the teachers and students.

The two parties must speak with one voice and demonstrate to the Ministry of Education that they have a common position on the availability of the plot of land for the construction of the school and what type of structure to be built.

It’s worrying to hear representatives of the PTA reporting to the media rumours and hearsay that the Presbyterian Board has plans to sell the plot of land to some businessman in the community. This clearly shows that the two parties have not been talking with each other.

The PTA must realise that protest actions and keeping students away from classes is not the most suitable method to solve this problem. Unless, both parties sort out their differences and speak with a single voice, the Ministry of Education cannot make a final decision to commit the necessary money to rebuild the Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School No 1.

Jairam Singh, Tunapuna

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Letters to the Editor