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Tuesday 11 December 2018
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Policeman’s gun stolen

A POLICEMAN from North Eastern Division was robbed of his personal firearm by a man whom the officer claims he gave a drop on Sunday.

The PC was leaving a friend’s home at the Heights of Guanapo in Arima at 6 am when a stranger asked him for a drop to Arima. The policeman said he did not know the man but agreed to give him a ride and when he reached the pillars at Maturita, a dog ran in front of his car and he swerved to avoid hitting it.

Despite his efforts, the policeman still struck the dog and came out of his car to inspect what damage was done. He said he left a pouch containing his Glock 19 pistol with one magazine which contained 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

After making a check on the damage to his car, the PC said that the man told him he would travel from there and left.

He remained on the scene, tending to his car and a short while later, he checked his pouch and realised it was empty. He said the gun and ammunition are valued $6,000.

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